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To be a company dedicated to the elaboration of quality products to be taken to all residential and commercial products.

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Being the number one company in the international market being highlighted by the quality of its products and services.

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At Daylight Solar Energy, we strive to make your solar transition as smooth as possible. That’s why we offer an array of convenient options so you can design you own payment structure on you own terms. With our quality products and best pricing, we are finding that solar systems pay for themselves in under 5 years. OUR PLANS INCLUDE:

Cash Financing

For those people who cares where their cash is going. The money you pay for utility bill every month gets you one thing: electricity but what if that money also went toward owning the power plant? With Daylight Solar Energy, your dollar works harder providing you more than just power for your home. With every payment you’ll be building equity in an asset that can add value to your home reduce your overall energy costs by up to 60% and offset tens of thousands of pounds of CO2. When your loan is paid off, you own your solar system and all the free, clean energy it produces.

How Daylight Solar Energy Works:

  • We make solar easy
  • We’ll take care of your entire solar project from start to finish.

How it Works?


Get a free solar consultation

Every solar power project starts with a quick conversation to see if solar is right for you. We’ll discuss your energy usage and look at your roof using satellite imaging. We’ll prepare a free customized quote if everything looks good.


Sign your agreement

Your agreement secures your solar energy cost for the next 20 to 30 years, depending on your financing option. There are no hidden fees. You’ll only find plenty of guaranties and warranties that protect you and your home.


Get a solar panel system design

One of our site surveyors will visit to look of your roof and take measurements. Then our expert engineers will design the solar system based on your home dimensions and your energy needs.


Complete installation in one day

Most solar system installation takes only a single day. We’ll find a day that works best for you. We also take care of all the permits and inspections. Turn power on. Once the utility company approves the system. You get to flip the switch to start generating your own clean, affordable energy.

Got questions? Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Solar Loans

If you are interested in buying a solar system but do not want to invest any of your own money, many of our clients turn to their own banks as many offer great loans deals on energy saving initiatives like solar. Or, we can also recommend credit unions who have helped many of our clients. This allows you to own your own power, increase the value of your home, and still pay less per month than your current monthly electric bill.

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